Alright, I’ll be real. I was a big fan of One Direction for a very long time. I still listen to their music from time to time but not as much anymore. I knew that each of the boys would go off and do solo work, but nevertheless, I was not prepared for it. Out of the original five members, Zayn Malik broke off and created music the next year. His music was different than One Direction in that it was more R&B/Pop. I still love ‘sHe’ from his first album and am a fan of his even¬†though the whole breaking off thing truly hurt.

Niall Horan was next and I was so pumped for his new music. I wasn’t expecting an acoustic indie pop single from him titled ‘This Town’. It released last September and was a hit on the radio. Louis Tomlinson was after and he released a single with Steve Aoki. The EDM track was dedicated to his mother who passed away from cancer. This single was also played on the radio and received positive reviews. I had also known that Harry Styles was planning on releasing music but I was not sure when it would be coming out. The bomb dropped around April that he would release his single ‘Sign of the Times’. The song features pianos, synths, drums, guitars…the whole shebang. Was I prepared? Absolutely not.

The only member who hasn’t released music is Liam Payne. There have been news reports that his music will be different than the others. It will have a more¬†hip-hop vibe than the others. It truly shows that even though they can come together to create great music, they separately each have their own musical styles. Niall has said that the band would come together again in the future, but I find it highly doubtful with their busy schedules, single releases and personal lives taking charge. However, if they do, I will be behind them 100% and cannot wait for they have in store next.