As I start the new year, I think it’s high time to start doing things out of my comfort zone. Starting a blog where I write is new for me. But I knew it was necessary. It was one of my new year’s resolutions. Speaking of them, why don’t I tell you what they are and how I hope they change my life for the better.

  1. DRINK MORE WATER. What I’m hoping to get out of this is that my skin will clear and I know I’ll be more healthy. Plus, my pee will be less cloudy and yellow and who doesn’t want that?
  2. TAKE MY MEDICINE. I was really bad in the second half of the year due to the fact that I wasn’t taking my medicine. My mom got angry at me for it, but I understand why. Having epilepsy is a real thing and I can’t afford to have a seizure after not having one for six years. I also really have to crack down on my birth control.
  3. LEARN WHEN TO SAY NO. I’ve realized that I can’t do everything and expect a great outcome in the end. I’m taking 18 credits this semester with three of them being an internship and another three being a senior seminar, an important class that is needed to graduate from college. Being in a sorority is currently the last thing on my list right now. As much as I love the girls, I can’t exactly do everything.
  4. EMBRACE MY SEXUAL PROWESS. Let it blossom, let it show. Don’t let anyone put you down for it.
  5. PUT YOURSELF ON A HIGHER PEDESTAL. I’m so used to boys telling me that they’ve never dated a black girl before. Or that I’m cute for a black girl. I’ve become annoyed with it, but haven’t done anything to fix it. I’m now going to set my standards higher. If someone doesn’t meet them, I need to move on.
  6. ACCEPT THE THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED IN THE PAST AND BECOME MORE FORWARD THINKING. My dad kind of helped me with this one. He told me about how he doesn’t like to dwell on the past and I think that’s very smart. He asked if I think about the past a lot and I told him about how certain instances in the past have shaped me but I try to be more forward thinking.
  7. LET GO OF THOSE WHO DO NOT MATTER TO ME. They will become dead weight. If they are not going to help me with my future goals, then I need to dump them off where they belong. Move along and don’t look back. Or they will drag you down and bring you to a place where you don’t want to be.
  8. LISTEN TO MY DAD AND TRY THERAPY. I need to not be afraid to talk to a professional. It’ll be scary but if they can help my sister than they can help me. I’ve gone through a lot of things in the past couple of years and I need to figure out where those emotions fit in my life.
  9. WRITE MORE. Whether it’s about my feelings, my academic papers or for this blog. It’s difficult because writer’s block is a thing. Even setting aside 5 minutes of my time to just write down what I did that day should be enough. I’m sure it’ll help.

Hence, the start of this blog. I’m hoping there will be more posts and I can navigate what this blog will become. Maybe lifestyle. Maybe music. Maybe beauty. We’ll see what happens in this new year.

xo LO